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When We Were Kids...We Went to War
This is a powerful video for the classroom that shows the personal side of war as presented by WWII Veterans and civilians in their own words and from their unique viewpoint. History books tell us the names dates and places, while these people tell us about their feelings, thoughts, and everyday lives during the war. This documentary connects today's student with the fact that history is real, and the men and women who fought the war were real people about their age when they were called into service.

During the War Women Went to Work
Prior to World War II the role of women in the American society was much different from what it is today. Generally speaking if a woman were to choose to work outside of the house there were few opportunities open for her. Secretary, teacher, or nurse was the common role for the working woman. However when the United States went to war after Pearl Harbor was attacked new doors were opened for, and by, the women of America. Many of the men were out of country fighting the war overseas and somebody had to keep the country running while they were gone. During the war women went to work and changed history.

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