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Multimedia Projects: Oral History

How to do Oral History on Video
With all of the technology available to you today your only cost to do oral histories on videotape should be the cost of the raw videotape. With as little as a common camcorder, a tripod, and a large piece of dark fabric, you can do quality oral history interviews on video.


Our goal with this site is to start with a very basic setup so you and your students can begin right away and be successful with your project. For those of you who want more advanced information we have included that towards the end of each section when applicable.


The important thing is to not let a fear of technology hold you back, start simple and get out there and do it. No matter how you do it, you must get these stories before it is too late and they are taken to the grave never to be told again.


If you are going to work on an oral history project and need some additional funding the Washington State WWII Memorial Educational Foundation is giving out a limited number of teacher grants to help you meet your needs.


Download Oral History Tutorials


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